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Welcome to the website, which was created for all those who are interested in audio and good sound. As part of the website, I provide you with a tool that allows you to do some basic tests, the results of which may help you learn about your hearing or the possibilities of the audio system you use.

The available tests are:
  1. The test of the ability to hear white noise on the background of the song. RUN.
  2. Test of the ability to hear white noise against the background of silence.RUN.
  3. Test of the ability to hear a 2 kHz sine signal against the background of the song. RUN.
  4. Test of the ability to recognize songs with different bit depths. RUN.
  5. Test of the ability to hear differences in the volume. RUN.
  6. The test of the ability to hear extreme frequencies for the human ear. RUN.
Additional information:
  1. Way of mixing signals. The test signals have been normalized and then suppressed by 2dB to allow room for the possible addition of signals interfering that they would not overdrive too quickly. The resultant signal is always the sum of the interfering signals and the output sample. Signal overloading will occur at high levels of interfering signals. The procedure there is to preserve the constant volume of the samples.
  2. Noise and sine signals after starting playback to full amplitude increase over time of 0.25 sec. This treatment aims to avoid knocking or unsteady behavior of the signal "truncated at the beginning of the sample ".
  3. The sampling of sound and the bit depth with which the samples are played is always resamplated and converted to the ones that are set as default in the browser or system.
  4. Mixing operations and processing of samples are performed on FLOAT 32bit values and then converted by the system to values appropriate for the card's settings.
  5. We use Web Audio API.
  6. Test results are saved in your browser's cookies
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